the wireless intelligent light management system for street and outdoor luminaires

Saving energy is more than ever an issue. Efficient LED luminaires are therefore increasingly used for public lighting. Yet much more is possible. Wherever roads, cycle paths or squares are less frequented at night, LED street luminaires can be equipped with the energy-and cost-efficient intelligent light management system CLEVER LIGHT by LEIPZIGER LEUCHTEN. CLEVER LIGHT provides an event-driven dimming. The principle is very simple. The LED luminaire can be set to a very low brightness level. However, if pedestrians, two-wheelers or car drivers are passing the road, they are detected by sensors installed inside the luminaire and the light automatically becomes brighter and moves up to the pre-programmed lighting level. The signal is passed to the next luminaire, which also moves the light level up, so that the light accompanies the road users on their way. The light stays for the programmed hold time and moves subsequently back until the programmed low brightness level is reached again. With the CLEVER LIGHT system the operator defines individually via laptop which luminaires shall be addressed, what light level and at what time.

Also light scenes are set quickly and easily with CLEVER LIGHT. In a town or city, there are always different demands on lighting. For example: The light level should be higher in a busy area with plenty of nightlife or in the inner city and the power reduction of the luminaires should start later as in a residential area. CLEVER LIGHT divides the areas in different zones so that individual requirements regarding level of brightness, duration of light and up to 6 dim stages can be programmed for each zone differently. The freely adjustable lighting scenes and frequencies, which can also be combined with the motion detector, causes much larger saving potential while considering the local situation, as existing lighting concepts and energy saving master plans can provide. Protocols that read out how much energy has been saved, or how many people were at the site, are the bases to adjust the individual programming from time to time. The luminaires can be displayed on street map. The CLEVER LIGHT system also shows quickly which luminaires do not work properly, so that maintenance costs can be reduced.

All necessary components for CLEVER LIGHT are already installed in and at the luminaire head. What is needed is one GPS module (master) per site, so many basic modules (slave), as luminaires are installed, antennas for the communication between the luminaires and infrared motion sensors. Additional cables are not required. The installation of the luminaires is quick and easy - just like before - by connecting the luminaire to the power network. The luminaires with the CLEVER LIGHT system have to be programmed locally by using a laptop with the installed CLEVER LIGHT software and the CLEVER LIGHT USB - Stick – dongle. LEIPZIGER LEUCHTEN offers assistance for the initial configuration on site.

Additional add-ons like a server solution, a camera detection, which shall replace the infrared sensor or the import of already applied geographic information systems, are expected to be available by the end of 2014. The users of the wireless CLEVER LIGHT - system are very satisfied because they not only save money and provide more safety on the roads, but are also more environment friendly.

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