Lighting Calculation

LEIPZIGER LEUCHTEN is working in a partnership with DIAL for many years. DIALux is a free of charge  software by DIAL which offers a complete solution for professional lighting designs with LEIPZIGER LEUCHTEN products. With DIALux we are able to plan and visualise our lighting design proposal for your project in accordance with national and international laws and regulations.

We will be pleased to consult you and to submit an appropriate lighting calculation proposal for your project. The DIALux program can be downloaded free of charge in case you would like to calculate your project yourself. If you do not work with DIALux, we will send you the Eulumdat files (.ltd) on request.

Do you have questions about lighting designs or the DIALux programm? Our Photometric Calculation Department will be pleased to help you: + 49 - 341-245613-49 or

DIALux-Programm :

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